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Phase Modulator

Product Details

 Product introduction

 HC-PM series electro-optic phase modulators use the electro-optic effect of lithium niobate crystal to realize the phase modulation of optical signals, and use titanium diffusion or proton exchange technology to manufacture optical waveguides, which can realize dual-polarization or single-polarization phase modulation. Has that characteristic of low insertion loss, high modulation bandwidth, low half-wave voltage, high damage optical pow and the like, and is mainly applied to the fields of optical chirp control in a high-speed optical communication system, phase delay in a coherent communication system, optical sideband generation, phase modulation in quantum communication, stimulated Brillouin scatter (SBS) reduction in an analog optical fiber communication system and the like.



 Product features

 Multiple operating wavelength

 Low half-wave voltage

 Low insertion loss

 High damage optical power



 Scope of application

 Optical fiber sensing

 Optical fiber communication and laser coherent combination

 Phase Retardation (Shifter)

 Quantum communication


technical specification


Ordering information  HC-PM-WL-BW-PP-FA

WL - Working wavelength: 15-1550nm,10-1064nm

BW - Working bandwidth: 10GHz, 300M

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