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Fiber Bragg grating sensor demodulation module

Product Details


GM8050 is a multi-channel, fast and high-resolution fiber grating sensor demodulation module controlled by PC. It can be combined with random configuration software, PC and external equipment to form a Bragg sensor demodulation system and a high-precision spectral analysis system. The demodulation module can be applied to various types of optical fiber sensors, and the system draws a clear and complete spectrum graph according to the response of the grating sensor to different temperature conditions, rather than just displaying the offset of the central wavelength.


The demodulation module of GM8050 fiber Bragg grating sensor temperature measurement system has low cost and high performance, which can be used in various engineering applications and civil applications. The demodulation module is controlled by a PC, which can measure Bragg sensors with high precision and large dynamic range, and also has the ability of high-precision spectral analysis.


GM8050 has a fully sealed modular structure, which is easy to install and integrate.