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Fast Tunable Laser Source Module

Product Details


The GM82020 fast tunable laser source module is mainly used for the measurement and application of high-precision wavelength division multiplexing DWDM components, optical waveguide grating array AWG components, planar optical waveguide PLC components, optical amplifiers EDFA and other general fiber optics, and is especially suitable for the fast scanning test of fiber grating sensors. The GM82020 series of modules offer superior performance with a wavelength scanning speed of 30 nm/s (10pm step).


The GM82020 fast tunable laser module can be connected to a computer via a USB cable and communicates with the PC control software provided by UC Instruments to form a tunable laser source measurement system with high precision, high power, compact size, fast startup and low price. Our company can provide C-band and L-band GM82020 tunable laser light source modules for users to choose. At the same time, this series of modules can be specially customized and controlled through RS232 interface.

The BNC output trigger port is integrated into the customer's production system.



High wavelength precisio

continuous wavelength tuning,

high power

fast tuning speed

PC software control

Small form factor for integration into customer product systems


Testing of filters and optical devices Measurement of WSS, 

PLC and AWG components and modules Measurement of fiber grating sensors Laser scanning spectral analysis 

Passive optical devices Optical path adjustment monitoring

Technical Parameters

Product model


Wavelength adjustable range

41 nm

Minimum wavelength value

<=1527 nm

Maximum wavelength value


Output Power

>= 10 dBm

Wavelength   resolution

1.0 pm

Absolute   wavelength accuracy

+/-10 ppm, typ. < 5 ppm

Relative   wavelength accuracy

+/-5 pm, typ +/-2 pm

Wavelength   repeatability

+/-2 pm, typ. +/-1 pm

Wavelength   stability

<= +/- 2 pm

Tuning speed

Typical value: < = 0.2 ms

Scanning   speed

< = 30nm/sec (10pm step)

Power   stability

+/-0.05 dB (1 hour). Typical value: +/-0.1 dB (24 hours)

Power   repeatability

+/- 0.05 dB

Power   linearity

+/- 0.3 dB

Power wavelength flatness

0.3 dB typical, 0.5 dB maximum

Side mode   suppression ratio

>= 45 dB

Relative   noise intensity

< -135 dB

Optical   output interface

PM, FC/PC connector

Communication   interface


Trigger   output port

BNC trigger

Power   supply power

12 V; 1A

Starting   current


Operating   current


Operating current at room temperature


Cold start   time

≤ 10 seconds

Hot start   time

≤ 3 seconds

Overall   dimensions

40 mm X 150 mm X 170 mm


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