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SOA pulse modulation and amplification module

Product Details

 Product introduction

 HC-PLM series pulse modulation and amplification module integrates semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA), pulse erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) and its supporting temperature control and modulation circuits, and can output optical pulse signals with the narrowest pulse width of 2 ns and peak power of 100 W. At the same time, a built-in pulse signal source can be selected, which has the characteristics of fast rise time, high pulse extinction ratio, good stability and convenient use, so that it becomes an ideal choice for generating and amplifying pulsed light in various optical fiber sensing systems, and can also be applied to quantum communication systems, semiconductor testing and other aspects.


 Product features

 Software-adjustable pulse width

Rise/fall time < 2 ns

Adjustment range 5 ns ~ 500 ns

Repetition frequency 1Hz-1MHz

 Integrating SOA and EDFA

 Lectable electric pulse sources

 Optional Raman Optical Amplifier 500 mW

 Output peak power < 1 W

 High extinction ratio

 DC 5V power supply

 RS232 serial communication

 Upper computer control

 Module encapsulation


 Scope of application

 DVS & DAS System


 Homodyne coherent detection system