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Optical Switch Board (OSW Board)

Product Details


       This OSW control Board, containing a microprocessor to control the optical switch switch, monitor the optical switch switching state, and CPU MODULE communication is backboard bus mode, support hot plug and plug, and can connect multiple modules, can make the interface circuit more simple, make the system more modular.

Module parameters:

Optical switch and supporting unit(OSW)


Working wavelength:  1310±20nm,1550±20nm ,1625±20nm,1650±20nm

Conversion time:  ≤25ms(The adjacent channel)

life: ≥108 times

Isolation :≥55dB

Fiber optic connector return loss ≥50dB

Fiber optic connector intervention loss ≤1.0dB

Optical interface type:LC/PC

Light port number:  Select [0.5U height: 2~12] and [1U height: 13~32] ports as required,

More than 32 optical switches in the system can be cascades of multiple optical switch boards to achieve capacity expansion。