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Optical Source Board

Product Details


        At the same time of real-time test, in order to meet the consideration of safety and monitoring cost, we can adopt the way that the monitoring light source is actively provided by the monitoring system. After the monitoring core wire is connected in series through the relay, the light source is installed at the end and set, and monitored by the supporting optical power monitoring module.Normally, the test results can be counted. When the optical power is lower than the threshold, OTDR will be activated immediately to test the core wire.In this way, the benefits of real-time warning can be achieved at a lower cost.

Specification parameters:

Working wavelength:1310nm±40nm、1550±20nm、1610±10nm

Output optical power:+3dBm~-13dBm(The output power varies with the number of channels)

stability:In the short term±0.02/15min,For a long time±0.15/6h

Optical connectors:LC/PC

Operating Temperature:0°C to +50°C;

Storing Temperature:-40°C to +70°C

Humidity:≦ 85 %RH

Optical channel number:4, 8, 12, 16 ports, and can be expanded