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Optical Power Meter Board

Product Details


     The Optical Power Meter (OPM) has various types and can be used for offline and online real-time alarm testing.By monitoring the light power, the purpose of real-time warning test can be achieved.

Module parameters:

Optical power detection module

Detection wavelength:1310nm/1550nm

On-line input optical power range:-50dBm~+23dBm

According to the unit:dBm

The resolution of the:0.01dB


Optical interface type:LC/PC

Monitor the number of light channels:


Off-line: Select [0.5U height: 2~16] and [1U height: 16~32] ports as required;

              Each route takes up 2 ports.

Online: Select [0.5U height: 3~15] and [1U height: 15~30] ports as required;

              Each route takes up three ports.