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EDFA Optical Amplifier Board

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       In optical communication network, fiber amplifier is an optical amplifier that amplifies optical signals directly in optical communication system.In communication systems using optical fibers, a technique for directly amplifying optical signals without converting them to electrical signals.

      Erbium-doped fiber is a fiber doped with a small amount of erbium (Er) ions in quartz fiber. It is the core of erbium-doped fiber amplifier.Since the late 1980s, the research of erbium-doped fiber amplifier has made great breakthroughs.WDM technology greatly increases the capacity of optical fiber communication.It has become the most widely used optical amplifiers in optical fiber communication。

Working wavelength: 1528~1563nm;

Input optical power range:-24~+2dBm;

Output light power range:-4~+20dBm;

gain span:+17~+23dB;

Gain flatness:≤1.5dB;

Noise factor:≤5.5dB;

Polarization-dependent gain:≤0.3dB;

Polarization mode dispersion:≤0.3ps;

Input/output echo attenuation:≥45dB

Working temperature:-5°C to +55°C;

Keep the temperature:-40°C to +70°C;

 Humidity requirements:≦ 85%RH;