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16×16 Optical Switch Matrix

Product Details


(1) It is characterized by small insertion loss and fast switching speed.

(2) LCD display screen is adopted to display optical path status in a very intuitive way, which is convenient for users to operate.

(3) Optical path switching can be set through the panel keys and serial port instructions.And can lock the keystroke operation through the serial port instruction.


Type no.


Working wavelength

1260 1650nm

Test the wavelength

1310 nm

Insertion loss

Typ: 2.0 dBMax: 2.5dB


±0.1 dB

Return loss




Wavelength dependent loss


Polarization dependent loss


Switch time


Optical fiber type


Connector form


Monitor the port


Working power supply

AC: 85 264 V50/60Hz

Working temperature

-10 + 70

Storage temperature

-50 + 70°C

The case type

19 "standard 2U rack483×350×89mm

Light path indicates


Schematic diagram of internal optical path of 16×16 optical switch

Description:You cannot have two inputs to choose the same output!Such an order is illegal

Matters needing attention

(1) When using the device, all ports must be connected correctly according to the optical connection instructions.

(2) The power supply shall be grounded and the input power voltage shall be guaranteed within the range required by the equipment.

(3) If there is sudden interference and the host is abnormal, it should be shut down before processing.

(4) The optical input port must be well connected and accurately positioned, otherwise the measurement result and insertion loss may be incorrect.

(5) It is normal to have slight vibration or sound when switching optical channels.

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