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32×32 MEMS Optical Switch Matrix

Product Details

Product features

Low insertion loss

Fast switching speed

LCD display screen, intuitive display light path status

 Panel key and network interface command mode for light path switching setting, and can be operated by the chain interface command lock key

Output port (OUT port) with light power monitoring

Scope of application

Multichannel optical monitoring in optical transmission systems

Automatic LAN multi-light source/detector switching

Optical sensing multi-point dynamic monitoring system

Optical testing system for optical fiber, optical devices, network and field engineering optical cable testing

Optical device assembly and adjustment


 Technical parameters

Type no.


Working wavelength

1260 ~ 1650nm

Test the wavelength

1310/1550 nm

Insertion loss

4.5 dB

Monitor optical power   range

+20 ~   -50 dBm

Monitor optical power   accuracy

±0.5   dB (+20 ~ -30 dBm)

±1.0   dB (-30 ~ -50 dBm)

Monitor optical power   resolution

±0.01   dB


±0.2 dB

Return loss

45 dB


50 dB

Wavelength dependent   loss

0.8 dB

Polarization   dependent loss

0.3 dB

Switch time

50 ms

Optical fiber type


Connector type


Monitor the port


Working power supply

AC: 85 ~   264 V(50/60Hz)或 DC: 36 ~ 72 V

Working temperature

-10 ~ + 55℃

Storage temperature

-40 +   80°C

The case type

19-inch standard 2U rack(483×500×89mm)

Illustration of optical path of equipment


Equipment maintenance

Reasonable use and proper storage of equipment can maintain good performance index for a long time and extend its service life, so proper maintenance is required:

(1)、The equipment should avoid strong mechanical vibration, collision, falling and other mechanical damage.Transport must have good packaging and vibration, rain and waterproof measures;

(2)、The equipment should be kept clean and the working environment should be free of corrosive gases such as acid and alkali.Use a clean towel with water or soapy water to gently scrub the chassis and panels.Do not use alcohol and other solvents to scrub.

(3)、Remove the fiber cable should be timely covered with dust caps to prevent hard objects, dust or other dirt touching the end face of the fiber.

Please feel free to contact us for any unspecified matters.We would be glad to hear your valuable comments.

Equipment maintenance common fault handling

The fault performance

Possible reasons for

The solution

No   display after boot

The   electricity is not properly connected

Reconnect   the power and turn it on

Excessive   insertion loss

The   end face of the connection head is soiled

Rinse   the end face of the smooth connection head and fix the connection head.Check   the end face for damage.

The   panel cannot switch light paths

The   panel keys are locked

Allow   panel keys to be used by sending commands through the serial port.

The   upper computer instruction is invalid

The   serial port is not set correctly

The   query checks the serial port Settings

The   serial line is not properly connected

Power   off first, recheck the serial line, and then power on.

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